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Aura Soma

Aura Soma

Explore Aura Soma Products at our Glen Iris Location

Aura Soma is an exciting colour system. It helps you access the knowledge of colour that has been with us from the beginning of time. Once you reawaken this information you can then, by applying the living energies of nature, restore your wellbeing and realise your true potential.

If you are searching for Aura Soma products in Glen Iris, Eternal Crystals is your leading supplier.

These products can help you:

Feel more relaxed

Rediscover your enthusiasm for life

Improve your relationships

Learn to appreciate yourself

Expand your talents and feel more confident

Discover new tools to meet life's challenges

Bring more love into your life

Re-balance and revitalise your energy

Transform your life

Access your inner self and your intuition

This holistic healing product can offer you opportunities that you never believed possible. It can dramatically change your life!

Just as the Sun rises and brings colour warmth and light to the world, so too can the colours of Aura Soma. It lights the way on your pathway to self-discovery.


The consultation with our Glen Iris spiritual experts

The jewels in the Aura Soma system are the Equilibrium bottles. A magic combination of vibrant colours, blended with the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals. By simply making a selection of 4 Equilibrium bottles from the brilliant range of over 100 coloured bottles, you are handed the key that opens the door to self-discovery. This is where the practitioner plays a very important role. With care and support, they guide you to become consciously aware of your potential and issues from your inner self. Your strengths, talents, unique gifts, worries or health concerns can all be accessed. Then by applying the living energies of your selected bottle to the appropriate energy centres, you have the opportunity to Restore energy, bring Balance to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels and move along the pathway of self-discovery towards wellbeing.

This therapeutic product works in harmony with other healing techniques such as reiki, tarot readings, and hypnotherapy.

Auro Soma products now available

"Complement your daily Life experiences with the help of nature's powerful energies, the colours of Aura Soma". * Note that while these products may help to make shifts in energy and consciousness, we make no therapeutic claims to diagnose, treat, prevent, heal or influence any physical or medical conditions.

If you would like to restore your wellbeing and realise your true potential, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners today.

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  • Archangel Tzaphkiel - 107

    This energy of TZAPHKIEL, expressing the deepest aspects of the Divine Feminine to nurture and protect, does not have to be pushed or pulled, but rather allowed and accepted as an expression of the I AM of Life Itself ever-birthing within, through and as us. On the outside, it is Love living out loud with lyricism of heart and a joyful roar of purposefulness as we crawl, walk, leap and fly through our days and dreams upon this Earth. It is Love with the lightness of being that is so naturally expressed when it no longer has to strain against fear, unwillingness, shame or feelings of unworthiness that usurp our most precious birthright, which is to be Love Itself. This is indeed the time of emergence for the particular and unique hue of Love-in-Beingness which each of us has come to shine forth into this world, a world which so needs the full Love-and-Truth of us all. Learn More
  • Archangel Ambriel - 110

    Affirmation "I love myself the way I am. I let go of all that is not of love in me." Ambriel is here for us to inspire a communication which awakens the spirit and guides our consciousness towards our inner truth. A gentle Archangel who is very direct in all his/her aspects. Sometimes it seems that truth and clarity of themselves are confrontational energies to those patterns not of the same nature as truth and clarity. Ambriel is trying at this time to inspire more communication of the inner truth from within ourselves, to inspire clarity and to clear confusion. Ambriel is helping us to go beyond the polarities within ourselves and rather than making friends with confusion, which causes conflicts that arise through identification with the confusion, helping us to clear doubts and disbelief that come from fear. Because models are traditional and are the norm it does not mean that they are the only ones. We can also think about Ambriel as releasing the toxins that accumulate when we become over absorbed in our doubts that can obscure the path before us. It seems that doubt often is a good companion upon the Way. We do not wish to become over confident but if the doubts become too strong then a lack of clarity ensues through disbelief. We are being asked to clear the mists of uncertainty. We have to be willing to see through the lack of clarity and discern what is truly for the highest good. Ambriel assists us in seeking out clarity within the blue, the yellow and the red bowls. We can think of that as clarity in the intellect, clarity in the feelings and awareness in relation to our instinctual being upon the path that lays before us. Learn More

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