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Archangel Ambriel - 110

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Affirmation "I love myself the way I am. I let go of all that is not of love in me."

Ambriel is here for us to inspire a communication which awakens the spirit and guides our consciousness towards our inner truth. A gentle Archangel who is very direct in all his/her aspects. Sometimes it seems that truth and clarity of themselves are confrontational energies to those patterns not of the same nature as truth and clarity. Ambriel is trying at this time to inspire more communication of the inner truth from within ourselves, to inspire clarity and to clear confusion. Ambriel is helping us to go beyond the polarities within ourselves and rather than making friends with confusion, which causes conflicts that arise through identification with the confusion, helping us to clear doubts and disbelief that come from fear. Because models are traditional and are the norm it does not mean that they are the only ones.

We can also think about Ambriel as releasing the toxins that accumulate when we become over absorbed in our doubts that can obscure the path before us. It seems that doubt often is a good companion upon the Way. We do not wish to become over confident but if the doubts become too strong then a lack of clarity ensues through disbelief.

We are being asked to clear the mists of uncertainty. We have to be willing to see through the lack of clarity and discern what is truly for the highest good. Ambriel assists us in seeking out clarity within the blue, the yellow and the red bowls. We can think of that as clarity in the intellect, clarity in the feelings and awareness in relation to our instinctual being upon the path that lays before us.
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Affirmation "I love myself the way I am. I let go of all that is not of love in me." Archangel Ambriel contains a type of pink which we will call a pale rose pink and this intensification is a new possibility within the Aura-Soma system. Archangel Ambriel is the zodiacal ruler of Gemini, associated with the cosmic Christ, the twins of the cosmic Christ (the light twin and the dark twin). We therefore associate it with the Gemini figure in the Glastonbury Zodiac at Dundon Hill near Glastonbury. The Lovers in the Tarot and the Aura-Soma Equilibrium B6 and B84 are also associated with Gemini and the cosmic Christ. We may think of Ambriel as a very lightful energy because of its association as a zodiacal archangel ruling Gemini. There is also a relationship to the qualities of the air element moving quickly in whichever direction. It easily goes through the different worlds and is part of water and nurtures that which is on the earth. Ambriel is concerned with communication at all levels and traditionally is known as an archangel of protection, a protection coming from clarity of communication. Ambriel is also associated with non-judgmental awareness, awareness that is without the sense of critique or what we would term a judgmental nature, communication which is to do with the inner truth and carries a sense of being able to analyse without judgement.


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