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Wholesale Products

Thank you for visiting our Wholesale website page. We are proud to announce our organic growth with gratitude and our new Wholesale page! We now seek the pleasure to ensure that we network with enthusiastic wholesale customers! If you have an existing business having similar products or interested in starting your own business, please contact us.

Australian orders - once payment of your goods has been received, dispatch will commence. Please allow up to 10 working days delivery time for standard parcels. Eternal Crystals cannot be responsible for lost or stolen goods due to incorrect addressing or incorrectly sighed parcels. Pick up is also available, please notify us prior to dispatch.

Please note there is a minimums of the $300.00 for the first purchase and any purchase thereafter is unlimited.

To qualify as a Eternal Crystals wholesale customer you will need to contact us on our 'Contact List' page with your details and ABN number. Once we have received your details we will give you a password to allow you to access the price list for wholesalers only.

We have a variety of products and still growing such as; various Himalayan Salt products, Amethyst Geodes, Crystals, Selenite lamps, Eternal Crystals Therapeutic Candles,Therapeutic Essential Oils, Jewelry, Gem Stones, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and much more!