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Native American Shamanic Healing Jewelry be Inspired by Divine Spirit"

Shopping for jewelry is quite interesting due to the combination of intricate details, stone types, designs, and beautiful colors. However, it can be a daunting task when it comes to selection of jewelry with healing properties. You need guidance when choosing the most suitable jewelry that serves your needs. Native American jewelry is quite popular for its uniqueness and purpose. Jewelry inspired by divine spirits is just amazing and fulfilling to have.


It is always interesting to learn the historical perspective of things that we admire. Native American jewelry has been there since 8800 BCE. It is not a recent invention as you might want to believe. Jewelry has brought much history and culture to the Native American society. During that era, indigenous tribes living in America shaped various multicolored shells and gemstones into beautiful wearable items. With time, the styles and techniques used by Native Americans improved and evolved. Artists started combining various techniques such as weaving, stone work, carving, and silver-smithing to make jewelry. This is how refined jewels, sterling silver, , feathers Antler ,Deer skin, snake skin and gemstones became an integral part of Native American Indian culture of jewelry. During a deer’s life the antlers fall off and grow again this animal is a symbol of regeneration & Intuition the deer is the messenger , a sacred  animal with the spirit of power and  gentleness , a shaman a symbol of spiritual authority .

The most prominent elements of jewelry in the Native American culture were symbols elements of mother earth  and the spirt animals & connection of the moon goddess . By  world For the sake of beauty, gemstones were incorporated into jewelry. There is no limit to the designs of wearables that incorporate different stones. Precious gemstones had more value and prestige which our natural from mother Earth .

On the other hand , gemstones used in making Native American jewelry help to create a particular image. The stones are shaped into different shapes to represent specific meaning and beliefs. These jewelry help you not only to make a fashion statement but for spirituality. The choices of materials and craftsmanship help to make meaningful pieces that are perfect for you.

Shopping for Native American Jewelry’

When shopping for these products, you might get confused. You will see certain shapes, arrows, gemstones, leather types, crescents, and stones shaped differently. You will probably wonder whether these products have a meaning attached to them or not. You might want to buy shamanic Native American jewelry with divine healing properties yet you do not know its value. That is a good definition of waste of resources. As harsh as it sounds! You need to some guideline. That is where this article comes into play.

Native American jewelry is customizable and handmade. This means that you can have a combination of different materials that make your jewelry more meaningful and beautiful. Let us first look at some of the different stones used and their values. Most of the stones mean courage, good fortune, stamina, protection, and healing. While we have the four  elements  Water , Earth , Fire and Air"  with out our four Elements we could not live .

Turquoise is incorporated into jewelry for healing, good fortune, and strength. If you see corals, don’t just be attracted by the physical beauty of them. Corals calm anxiety and ensure maximum protection. Ruby on the other hand brings healing to the spirit, body, and mind. If you are a pearl enthusiast, don’t be left behind. Pearls mean integrity and purity. The tiger-eye is a symbol of protection and courage. Malachite is the other stone that carries several meanings and uses. It beings good luck, balances emotions, and protects you from illness and danger.


Shamanic healing rings come in different designs. However, Native American rings are known for their large sizes. These rings often have onyx, corals, and turquoise among other precious stones. However, there are those rings with some gold or silver details. These rings have healing properties attached to them.

Some rings possess divine spirit that has sacred energy healing characteristics. For instance, the  large Onyx Ring which is good for self-control, stamina, childbirth, and healing wounds. The ring is oval-shaped and approximately one inch long.

You also can have a two-toned ring made of sterling silver and gold wraps. The feathers incorporated display intricate details that are suitable for youth, men, and women. Feathers are quite significant in Native American Jewelry. Feathers added to rings and other types of jewelry are believed to carry special message to divine spirit.

Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are also amazing products because they have space for large stones. This means that different meaningful stones can be added to them to make them more powerful and have peace within. Additionally, they come in different colours and material. Such as  Snake skin for transformation , Deer Skin Intuition messages from Divine spirit 

Animals  Fox , Bear ,Wolf , Eagle , Deer ,Turkey, Antlers , Rattle Snake 

 When animal has had its Full circle of life ' Only by natrual causes of death they will be given to the Native Americans as their culture they respect the animal for they're true wisdom meaning in life .

it will be blessed by Divine spirit and will live and Transform' you can feel the energy from these Special Shamanic Native American Collections .

Most Native American cuff bracelets have animal spirit. An example of such a cuff bracelet is the valuable Multicolor  Thunderbird Cuff Bracelet that has special features such as brown shells, pearl, sterling silver, coral, turquoise, and jet. It is also made of thunderbird that is extremely powerful. This bracelet is for protection, power, and strength.

Another example is the popular  Elestrial Quartz white cuff . This Cuffs made up of turquoise, white buffalo stone,  Theses special cuffs are quite impressive because they go well with all types of outfits.

Shamanic healing Jewelry crystal deer skin cuffs are also treasured a lot. Various types of stones may be incorporated to these deer skin cuffs. For instance, they may contain a labradorite which is good for protection, enlightening your spiritual path, and illuminating your spiritual path. It is also worth noting that a labradorite raises consciousness thus enabling you to connect t universal energies

You may wonder why deer skin is significant to American Native jewelry. Well, there is something really special about it. Deer skin is believed to enhance intuition. No wonder it is also incorporated in crystal necklaces. A labradorite is also a stone of extra knowledge.

Snake Shed jewelry are also other products that incorporate concepts of snake skin transformation. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are made from snake skin concepts. Just like other types of Native American jewelry, most of them carry particular meanings. For example, snakeskin jasper is believed to help people to shed old unwanted behaviors, relationships, and patterns.

Now that you have gained some knowledge about Native American jewelry, you will be in a better position to make well-informed decisions. It is important to buy jewelry that does not only enhance beauty but also adds meaning to your life. You can never go wrong with Native American shamanic jewelry inspired by divine spirits.

Choose your special Shamanic healing collection and bring the Inner Goddess or warrior to light your divine Spirit Aho!


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