Birth Chart Report

Birth Chart Report

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Birth Chart Report

Once your have ordered your chart, we will require via email the following information go to our contact us page. please allow 2 -3 business days for your astrology Birth Chart Report to be sent to your email address

  • First and Last Name:
  • Birth Time: HH:MM
  • Birth date: DD / MM / YYYY
  • Your birth place , both City & Country

 Would you like to know more about your own birth chart 

Your personal report includes:

  • LifeGoals -the sun and and jupiter in signs and houses
  • Home -the Moon in signs and houses 
  • Education and communication -Mercury in signs and houses
  • Relationships -Venus in signs and houses
  • Motivation -Mars in signs and houses
  • Career -Saturn in signs and houses
  • Creativity and Originality -Uranus and Neptune in signs and houses
  • Challenges in Life -Pluto in signs and houses
  • Purpose and joy -The Ascendent in the signs & houses
  • Beautifully illustrations by whimsical artist janet bridgland 
  • The Birth chart is approximately 20 pages long and is an all -purpose personalised report for your natal chart ,with a easy to read instructions and astrological interpretation for each of the above sections.