Pale Coral Pomander - a sense of compassionate community

Pale Coral Pomander - a sense of compassionate community

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The Pale Coral Pomander can assist us in welcoming deep joy and liberation as we make our contribution to universal spirituality. As the coral is recognised as a deep awakening of the Christ energy it is significant that the Bethlehem star is visible on 23rd September.

At a mental level, Pale Coral is to do with community co-operation and the sense of an integrated whole. We can look at it from the point of view of being aware of what is happening with oneself whilst at the same time being able to extend that awareness to include what is happening universally.

The coral offers protection of our spiritual Being to give us a greater sense of independence. To offer the insight necessary for inter-dependence, to help us with competition. An awakening Pomander that can bring a deep sense of joy.