Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls (Large) (14 cm)

Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls (Large) (14 cm)

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Singing bowls can be played or tuned to cleanse a person, an environment, a place or any area where there is a build up of negative energy. They can be used during or after Meditation, to open or close a ceremony etc. These stunning Tibetan singing bowls, art work so beautiful and scripture in gold is rather rare and their chime is very intense...

Customarily, you place the bowl in the palm of your hand making sure your hand is firm and all fingers are pointing outwards. Please do not cup the bowl as this stops the bowl from singing or vibrating. You then slowly start to move the wooden stick in a circular motion around the rim of the bowl whilst holding the wooden stick straight, not on an angel. If you are playing the bowl too quickly you might get a grinding sound, all you then need to do is to slow down the pace and then it will produce a gentle and music like melody. (Large size 14 cm wide)

Available in  Blue, Green, Red, Purple