Archangel Uriel - Ascended Mastery Candles

Archangel Uriel - Ascended Mastery Candles

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Candles have a particular affinity to humanity. Fire was our first source of heat, of protection, of power. Despite many of us living in highly urbanized environments, our primal urge towards fire as a symbol of comfort, protection and spirituality echoes on. Think about preparing our homes for special guests: we will often light candles to honor the occasion of a dinner party with kindred. When preparing for sleep or relaxing for bath, we are calmed by the soothing flicker of tea-lights. In sacred spaces, holy elements are brought to life with candles and pomanders. We say a prayer, and mark our hopes with an offering of light.

Gentle light and a faintly pleasant odor is our experience of many candles. These divine hand-poured pure soy candles take the healing and energetic power of the ageless flickering fire to another level. Each of the candles are channeled with the power to clear, cleanse, shift and heal mental, physical emotional and spiritual aspects. These 100% pure soy candles were designed to serve and reach many, enhancing their healing and creative opportunities to full potential. Each candle is carefully hand-poured and finished with a beautiful aroma to complete the sensory experience. Each aroma relates to a different intent and purpose.

100% pure soy, cotton wick candle is entirely natural and non-toxic
eco-friendly and biodegradable
no animal by-products and not tested on animals
free from palm oil
infused with healing light

How to use Ascended Mastery Candles as a tool:

- Prayer intent- when lighting the candle you may meditate an intent or prayer into the flame. Use the candle intuitively, if you feel as though you would like to dedicate this particular candle to a particular intent you may do so. However candles do not have to be limited to one intent per candle.

- Written clearing- some of our clients prefer to write on a piece of paper what it is they would like to clear with the candle. You can place the clearing under the candle while it burns.

-Where to burn- there is no right or wrong when it comes to where to burn the candle. We suggest that the client intuitively finds the appropriate place for the candle. Appropriate places may be: bedside table, family area, office or work space, meditation area, on your alter or entry way.

- When to burn- this is also up to the nature of the intent and what the candle is being used for. Some clients burn their candle every day, others when they are drawn to do so. If the candle is connected to a strong clearing, we would recommend using the candle everyday until it is finished.