Galactic Heritage Cards

Galactic Heritage Cards

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Since the early 1990s, Lyssa Royal has wanted to somehow create a card system in which seekers could learn about their galactic heritage and their karmic influences.

This 108-card divination system, based on material from Lyssa Royal's groundbreaking book The Prism of Lyra, is designed to help you tap into your star lineage and karmic patterns while revealing lessons brought to Earth from the stars and how those lessons can be used in your life on Earth now.

In working with these cards, you can discover information about other lifetimes. You can tap into karmic lessons that you are still working on. The cards also contain information about how to apply the lessons in your life now as well as how to enhance your spiritual growth. They go far beyond just extraterrestrial information. The more you work with the cards, the more you will learn how to use them for yourself. Most of all, the cards will reflect aspects of the wonderful living hologram that you are.