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Hu-manessence [Hardy Lily 'Butter Pixie']

The Divine aspect of our humanness emerges through the Presence of the Soul. When you allow your Soul to govern your body, it becomes a temple for your personal experience of the Divine. When you choose to become the custodian of this temple, tending to it with loving kindness, it becomes the Holy of Holies in which your Soul finds a perfected home on Earth. Hu-manessence supports you to prepare your body to become the sacred vessel of your Soul. It deepens your experience of unification with the Divine through acceptance of the duality inherent in human life and harmonization and integration of body and Soul.


I recognize that my body’s purpose is to function as the vehicle for my Soul’s consciousness. I give my Soul, rather than my ego/personality, dominion over my mind and subsequently my body. I heal the underlying metaphysical causes of illness, body-image and other body-based issues. I deepen my experience of union with the Divine through body-based spiritual practices