Inner Alchemy BA05 Yellow/Clear 50ml

Inner Alchemy BA05 Yellow/Clear 50ml

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Daring to be yourself and enjoying you! Letting go of the fear of joy.


Becoming comfortable with ease and the delights of life. Compassion for the critic within. Honoring the artist within. Joy and the fear of joy. Afraid of feeling a joyous gratitude for the beauty of the world and the gifts and achievements in our own life.

We may think we dare not enjoy our lives when we know there is much unhappiness in the world. And yet the yellow, in its variations, brings aspects of the sun in all its magnificance. The clarity of knowing our faults and yet accepting ourselves in the light of that knowledge with kindness and warmth. We know ourselves but don't understand and love ourselves and therefore we fear being "found out" of not coming up to the expectations that we think others have of us. This energy brings fear of being alone and anxious of tomorrow, instead of realizing that we make our tomorrows with our thoughts of today. Lets make all of our tomorrows joyful and light.

Healing Benefits

Tarot Affiliation

Where To Apply

To be applied in a band around the body in the area of the 3rd/Solar Plexus chakra