Relationship/ Synastry Report

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Relationship/ Synastry Report

Once your have ordered your chart, we will require via email the following information please go to our contact tab page, Allow 2-5 bussines days to recieve your Relationship Report via email ; Please email Partners First name , Last name , date of birth , time of birth, birth place country. Please note that all relevant information is private and strictly confidential our Code of Ethics  Maintaining Confidentiality Eternal Crystals  Astrology respect the confidentiality and rights privacy of our clients , students and others who deal with astrological contexts. confidentiality applies to the identity of and personal information about clients and other individuals .

  • First and Last Name: 
  • Genders / Both Female /Male 
  • Birth Time: HH:MM
  • Birth date: DD / MM / YYYY
  • Your birth place , both City & Country
  • If you don't know the exact time of birth select 12pm as this will set as a default time . Relationship report you must  also purchase the natal birth chart to synchronise the synastry charts for your analysis .

Would you like to know more about synastry between yourself and your significant ' other or perhaps the synastry between yourself and that person who has caught your eye ?

In our relationship report we delve into your personalised relationship astrology where your individual birth charts are compared .From this an astrological interpretation is created in approximate 20 page report .Your relationship report describes the unique ties that exist between two people , both strengths and weakness of those ties highlighting areas of compatibility or possibly incompatibility and even of where possible conflict and misunderstanding may arise. 

We look specifically at 

  • Personal Issues 
  • Primary Forces
  • Generational Values ... does your X attitude suit that of the Gen Ys ' are you compatible  between the horoscopes of two people in order to determaine their likely compatibility and relationship.
  • The Relationship Report uses interpretations created using the sun ,moon ,mercury , venus , mars, jupiter , saturn , uranus , neptune , pluto , chiron and the north node of each person's birth chart .