Solar Returns Report

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Solar Returns Report

Once your have ordered your chart, we will require via email the following information please  go to our contact tab , allow 2-4 business days to receive your solar return report

  • First and Last Name:
  • Birth Time: HH:MM
  • Birth date: DD / MM / YYYY
  • Your birth place , both City & Country

 You have herd  of the saying 'Many Happy Returns ' Well this report gives you a birthday report and in astrology its called a solar return .

This annual forecast report is approximately 25 - pages with beautiful  illustrations by artist Janet Bridgeland 

  • Your personal report includes ;
  • An introduction to solar return explaining the concepts of an annual forecast birthday chart
  • This years major theme the ascendant ,  sun in house ,sun ruling house ,aspects to sun
  • This years personal matters moon in house moon in sign ,aspects to moon, venus in house , venus in sign ,aspects to venus
  • This years challenges  mars in house  , aspects to mars , uranus in house , pluto in house
  • This year's lessons  mercury in house , mercury in sign , aspects to mercury, jupiter in house , aspects to jupiter ,saturn house , aspects to saturn
  • This years journey Neptune in house ,aspects to north node .