Universe Carafe 10L - PLATINUM

Universe Carafe 10L - PLATINUM

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The UNIVERSE carafe is probably the largest handblown water carafe in the world. With its volumetric capacity of approx. 10 litres, the UNIVERSE is appropriate for use in seminar rooms, doctors’ practices and public areas - or a busy home!

This carafe comes with a patented tap design, a removable inner glass tube for holding gems, crystals or ice, and a glass lid/stopper.

The patented tap system has been designed for intensive utilisation and facilitates ease of use in hygienic conditions. The special 6-wave shape of the UNIVERSE is constructed to facilitate the communication of the geometric pattern (to enhance the hydrogen bridges) in the vital water crystal.

The Tube supplied with the carafe enables natural chilling: simply add ice cubes to the Tube and insert into the carafe. The drinking water will be rapidly chilled without coming into direct contact with the cooling medium. The Tube is also suitable for filling with precious stones or other revitalising media. The advantage here is that no direct mixing with the drinking water takes place, meaning that the introduction of impurities is prevented. The version with the Flower of Life fired into the carafe base in platinum enhances the overall design, making it an exceptional designer piece (for information on platinum refer to the “Symbols & Affirmations” page on our website www.naturesdesign.com.au).

Due to its robust base material it is possible to clean the UNIVERSE using hot water. Emptying the vessel regularly using the patented tap ensures optimum hygienic maintenance for everyday use.

Image shown with pink and mauve crystals in the inner tube as an example only - not included with this product.